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Consumer Reviews

Consumer Reviews

“Thank you for being so kind and working with us through this time!”

-Jason S.

“Mrs. McGhee let me know there are still some genuine, kind people left in this world. Having these hospital bills and feeling down, wondering if you guys would work with me and when I called you back, I learned you guys would, gave me strength beyond recognition. I promise as long as I have a breath in my body, you will get paid. Thanks for making me feel good as a person.”

-Inetha B.

“Thank you very much for your kindness and patience with me. May God Bless you.”

-Bebe B.

“On another note, I commend your employee, Ms Smith, for her excellent consumer service. It was a pleasure to talk with her and have all my concerns addressed. Unfortunately, such wonderful consumer service is a rarity today and that is all the more reason to let you know that she is a keeper indeed!”

-Gail S.

“I wanted to also tell you how greatly I appreciated the respect and professionalism you extended me during our conversation today.”

-Olivia S.

“It is rarely these days that I get the opportunity to speak with collectors that actually understand that professionalism, as opposed to meaningless threats, screaming, yelling yields nothing but frustration on the consumers’ side and usually ends with no arrangement being made.”

-Sherri M.

“Being a manager for more than 17 years in the collection industry, it is people such as your collector that I look to hire daily.”

-Jerri T.

“I’m doing you the courtesy of informing you of this. Your business practices seem to be dignified, professional and unobtrusive, for this, I thank you.”

-Frances M.

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