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Seven Foundations for Healthcare Directors

July 15, 2015

by John Cook, Chief Client Officer

Healthcare directors and managers are continually seeking to improve themselves as they lead. Strong foundations are critical for success. The following have been important in my career:

1. Connect with colleagues and vendors by learning their business and challenges.

2. A “pre-flight” checklist is necessary for each day. I have heard a client call it their starting line-up. Plan and focus on today.? Get aligned.

3. Help the team reach their potential. Empower them. Encourage their growth.

4. Rise in the place you are.

5. Refuse to give up. This was my father’s key to success.

6. Be straight forward. Give real answers.

7. Face all challenges with integrity and dignity.

“You can change anything you want.” ~Brian Shannon

This post is part of an ongoing look at leadership in healthcare. John Cook is the author of the free ebook, The Six Million Question, a look at how changes in healthcare billing can make all the difference in the bottom line.

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