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PRC Presents on Marketing at ACA International Conference

May 1, 2019

Collections agencies don’t often worry too much about marketing. Perhaps it’s because we don’t always have a stellar reputation (thanks to some bad apples in our field). Perhaps they don’t see the need.

However, we have found many benefits to marketing. With help from our agency, The Department of Marketing, our team presented a session at the ACA International Southeast Regional Conference in April. We were thrilled to share our thoughts about how this strategy has impacted our business.

Some of the reasons we believe marketing is critical in our industry:

  • Increased inquiries – Companies who hire collection agencies may take months to make the decision. Marketing helps add your name to their consideration pool. Plus, paying attention to our brand and image means increasing our name recognition.  
  • Reputation management – We can’t control everything everyone will say about us, but we can certainly keep an eye online and respond accordingly.
  • General credibility – Clients who hire us want to know they are hiring a team with the utmost professionalism and highest ethical standards.

During our presentation, we also talked about the different strategies companies can use in the field of debt collection. Thank you to ACA International for hosting this discussion!

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