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PRC Creates Podcast for Healthcare Administrators and Employees

January 30, 2018

The experience patients have directly relates to a healthcare organization’s bottom line. That’s why PRC’s Chief Client Officer John Cook started a podcast for healthcare administrators and healthcare staff members.

The Patient Experience Podcast launched in January 2018. New 30-minute episodes will appear each month around the 15th. Interested listeners can download or listen to the episodes on the website or find them in iTunes and other podcast directories.

Episodes feature interviews with a Chief Nursing Officer, a Revenue Cycle Director, an NC Hospital Association executive, and an executive from Premier, among others. The interviews will focus on various aspects of the patient experience and how to improve it.

The Revenue Cycle area is usually the first contact with the patient, including pre-admission, admission, discharge, and customer service, Cook said.

“Patient experience scores determine Medicare reimbursement rates. If scores submitted to Medicare are low, then their reimbursement rate will drop,” Cook said. “That’s why we focus so much on improving the experience.”

Cook said more people are shopping around for healthcare providers now, one more reason to consider customer service in the healthcare industry.

The podcast audience is any healthcare provider who has contact with patients and their families, he said. Determine the health of your hospital’s collection process with our checklist.

Submit your thoughts about the show or ideas for discussion to John at jcook [at]


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