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5 Tenants of A Leader’s Commitment

July 9, 2014

By John Cook, Chief Client Officer

Leaders carry a lot of responsibility. It’s a commitment to lead your team to greatness. A leader’s commitment includes:

Faithfulness: Faithfulness is a commitment to your job and role. I like to call it sticking to the mainspring.

Punctuality: You expect your team to be on time; therefore, it is your responsibility to set the example. People may be waiting for an answer to a critical issue. Apply that to meetings, phone calls, and emails.

Quality Workmanship: It is really no more than doing it right the first time. If you find yourself in a state of mediocrity, then it is time to take a look at the situation at hand.

A Great Attitude: The first task of the day should be to set time aside and think. That is when you make the choice to either love the day or hate it. Make the choice to love the day and your attitude will soar to great heights.

Enthusiasm: It is your role to be excited about what you and the team are doing. That enthusiasm will create a firestorm of excitement.

My theory of self-management: Stay away from the places that cause you to slip and fall.

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