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Hospital Cash Flow: Becoming Advocates

August 12, 2015

By John Cook

As revenue cycle professionals we become frustrated with our inability to generate cash flow. How do we improve? A new perspective in our role is worth consideration.

The patient must perceive us as advocates, champions, proponents who offer options and solutions. It all begins with us.

Advocacy Tips

  • We are willing to listen, understand, and offer options. Speculation and judging are not acceptable or allowed.  Each encounter will be different.
  • Accurate information is critical. Investing in estimators and software will provide timely information to share with the patient (price estimates, insurance, and patient liabilities).
  • We build trust and provide exceptional customer service. Our role is a part of the recovery and healing process.
  • Caseworkers are available to provide assistance in obtaining possible programs available to the patient.
  • Financing options are available and accessible.
  • Convenient and patient friendly payment portals are made available immediately.
  • We look for common ground, seeking win-win solutions for both provider and patient.
  • We see and promote opportunity.

How will your team become advocates? Good training is a must. Where will you begin?

Feel free to reach out for one on one discussions of advocacy.

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