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The Patient Experience Podcast

Ep. 7 – Helping People Understand Their Payment Expectations

July 15, 2018

Part of the challenge of improving patient experience is making sure patients are not confused by bills. We spoke to Neil Wlodyka, AVP of Patient Experience at Atrium Health, about how to help people understand their insurance coverage and what to expect when paying for healthcare. Neil also shared with us the various roles that make up his job as AVP of Patient Experience.

Neil has been with Atrium Health for 23 years. He started as the Patient Accounting Manager at Kings Mountain Hospital. His current role of AVP includes the UBO Correspondence team, Corporate Privacy Officer and Patient Experience/Complaint Management for both the hospital and practice side of Patient Accounting.  During the past 23 years, Neil had the responsibility of Cash Posting, Billing and Customer Service that allowed him to understand the revenue cycle. On a personal note, Neil had to give up playing soccer, but has stayed very active by coaching, officiating at all levels and as a referee educator/trainer and assignor. Neil has four kids ages ranging from 21 to 9.


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