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Engage, Communicate, and Reach: Practical Tips for Patient Engagement

October 8, 2014

By: John Cook, Chief Client Officer, PRC, Inc.

Patient engagement is critical when creating a good patient experience. Here are some key points, short and sweet, to consider.

The Bottom Line

  • Know what you want to accomplish in your patient encounter.
  • Center on the resolution.


  • Greeting: The critical piece and the first impression
  • A comfortable setting
  • Meet people where they are. Everyone is different.
  • Listen: Build boundaries as necessary.
  • Clarify


  • Their responsibility
  • Your responsibility
  • Answer questions
  • Provide options
  • Give them hope


  • There is a resolution
  • The patient understands
  • There is a level of trust
  • You have provided an exceptional patient experience

Take a look at your own experience. Whom did you admire through an experience when you were the customer? Why? How did they “make a difference” for you? How can this help you today?

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