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Coached: Valuable Questions for Healthcare Professionals

June 10, 2015

By: John Cook
Chief Client Officer

This year, I proudly celebrate 35 years in healthcare. As a director in a hospital for 22 of those years, I quickly realized the need to be coached, guided, and mentored by those people I respected. These were the folks who were my role models. All taught me to continually take an inventory of what is most important, what I need to let go, of and what I need to be about at this particular point in my career and personal life. These keep me fresh and vibrant for the good years ahead. These are the questions I ask, usually twice per year.

    • What will stand out? What makes me shine like a star? What are others seeing?
    • What day(s) will be my focus days? Focus on a particular project. Prioritize as needed.What day(s) will be my free days?

  • These are days that I am off the grid. This time should be spent on reaching, rounding, and catching up. Always take time to read.
  • What is my vision? Write it down with five action items that will bring it forth. Tweak the vision as needed.
  • Who are the people I am closely linked with?
  • Where do I need to disconnect and build boundaries?
  • What one thing could I do, today, to break through to the next level?
  • What am I allowing other to tell me about myself?
  • Where do I cast my net?

What questions would you add to this list to take inventory?

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