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PRC Difference

PRC Difference

PRC’s success has been based squarely on our unique ability to respond to changing client needs with specific programs tailored for special situations, and by our ability to effectively manage, direct, and control a wide variety of projects. The quality of our work is best shown by our long-term client relationships and our steady and continued growth since 1979. We recognize that your requirements will be varied and unique, and as the best debt collection agency, are prepared to meet them.

The main principle that separates PRC as the best debt collection agency from other agencies is that we truly believe in consumer service BEFORE the sale. We want to have all the details of your needs and requirements so that we can tailor our services around those requirements, not the other way around. Our team of experts will work very closely with you to identify not just your needs and requirements, but how you want the service relationship to function, before we receive your first placements. From our collection floor to our mail room, specific training will take place to educate our management and staff on all the nuances of how your team wants our relationship to function.

Our goal has been to develop long-term, quality client partnerships by clearly identifying each client’s specific needs and requirements, and meeting or exceeding them, every single day. As our references will attest, this approach to service has been a tremendous advantage to them and ranks us as best debt collection agency. The quality of our efforts has resulted in a cooperative atmosphere of confidence and trust, leading to outstanding consumer relations and increased profits.

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