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A Good Relationship with Your Collection Agency

October 3, 2012

Getting the most out of your delinquent accounts means maintaining a good relationship with your collection agency.

Although this article, 5 Secrets to Successful Hospital, Healthcare Collection Agency Communication, is geared toward healthcare agencies, the five tips apply to all companies working with collection agencies.

Most of the tips focus on what we agree is the most important part of a healthy working collection relationship: communication. That’s not just emails back and forth, but face-to-face meetings, regular phone time and sharing information.

As article author Terry Armstrong says, “Silence, alas, is not golden,” when it comes to working with your collection agency.

It is important to Professional Recovery Consultants, Inc. to be fully available for open communication about your needs, desires, and wishes when it comes to your debt collections. We take very seriously the need to keep a professional relationship with your clients so that optimally, we can collect your money and keep a satisfied client for you. We know your relationship with your client is important, and we, in turn, feel that Professional Recovery Consultants must build a strong and open relationship with you as our clients.

When searching for the best debt collection agency for your needs, make sure you team with an agency that will put your needs for your client and business first. You also want t find an agency that will be devoted to clear and open communication whenever you need to give us a call or ask a question. You also want to team with someone you can trust to get results from. Find an agency that you see proven results from-and who has proven positive relationships with past clients- through recommendations.

Building a good relationship with your collection agency is important. Don’t just go with any agency; go with one you can trust completely.

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